Lake Garden Apartment

The interior renovation project of the apartment located in Gulshan follows an intrinsic approach to rethinking the quality of the living spaces embodying contemporary design values and aesthetic. Reconstructing the windows with enlarged apertures permit access to ample daylight illuminating the axial bay toward the view of the adjacent Gulshan lake to the east, while the lush greenery and plants beyond the openings provide visual comfort through refined outdoor connectivity.
Alongside the newly constructed fair-face surfaces, the old brick walls are exposed to reveal the rustic masonry in contrast to polished stone flooring bouncing off the brightened surfaces adding to the visual comfort of the room embellished with the owner’s collectibles far outweighing the ambient living spaces.
Interior Design & Renovation
Principal Architect

Ar. Kazi Fida Islam


Ar. Md Abdul Awyal
Ar. Sumaiya Shameem
Ar. Muntasir Ahmed
Eng. Iqbal Hossain
Eng. Md. Saiful Islam


Gulshan 1, Dhaka


Asif Salman