Escape Den

Project Detail

Concept of space evoked on three main grounds; create a hymn of solitary through a more temporary set up with a time worthy construction period. The space was considered as the simplest of its expression. Neither form dominated nor space, a perfect mingling and cohesion to generate ooze sophistication. To create a subtle experience of one’s being and non-being at the same moment, the project adorns emptiness with grace.  Space here is not stagnant; it’s allowed to flow with its highest ardencies, form is only the resonance of space.

The austere steel frame skeleton is finely adorned with four pieces of shipping container. The longest one is adjoined with two, forming the bed rooms. The rustic romanticism those containers evokes are taken delightfully by the architects to recreate a place that just impeccably out of the world, surreal.  The barren surroundings have given the project an added touch up of solitary. The location is mostly secluded of settlements at presents and therefore little less noise/discordance. Spaces glow with morning light; humbly sparkle at night. It’s a mirage of non-existential characteristics of space thoughtfully assembled. Spaces here are like sand grains on the palimpsest, each moment it’s collected and created an essence and immediately slips down, vanishes unknowingly; recreated again with each glimpse of the spectator. The kaleidoscopic aura of space is weaved with utter neatness to extenuate the imposing grandeur of the steel frame.

Principal Architect

Ar. Kazi Fida Islam


Ar. Md Abdul Awyal
Ar. Sumaiya Shameem
Ar. Mousumi Kabir
Ar. Irtefa Iradat
Ar. Abid Khan
Eng. Ruhul Amin
Eng. Shah Alam
Eng. Saiful Islam
Eng. Safkat Sadik


Bashundhara R/A


Mr. Tanjim Haque
Ms. Asma Sultana


Hasan Chandan
Maruf Raihan